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Velle is a freethinking online culture magazine featuring creative-minded individuals and projects from around the world. Photo and design driven, Velle sets out to honestly present both established and emerging talent in fashion, design, art, music and literature. Blended with insightful journalism and compelling layout, Velle showcases contemporary culture through a unique perspective.


Leonard R. Greco


Leonard Greco is an emerging photographer and artist now living in Boston. His work has been published and exhibited widely in international magazines and art galleries. He has a cat named Duchess, two sisters and an amazing mom and dad. Leonard is presently working on the development of a creative agency (China Fon House) in collaboration with Justin Gagne and a production agency (Blood Daggers) with Chrissy Beale.


Justin Gagne
Creative Director


Justin Gagne is a designer, educator and electronic musician. He is responsible for the visual presentation of Velle through countless hours of hand coding and record playing. Justin is an adjunct instructor at Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts teaching web and technology based courses. File under Ambient, Justin Gagne (aka Assistant Piatti) has been recording "electronique musique" for over 10 years. A sample of his electronic music output as Assistant Piatti can be found on the compilation "WXJL: The Best of Future Wave Radio, Vol. 3" from Ninthwave Records.


Erin Dionne
Contributing Editor


Chloé Jones
Contributing Writer


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